Pope Francis Cross with his Flock - In 2 Sizes
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Pope Francis Cross with his Flock - In 2 Sizes

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* Made in Italy

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Originally designed prior to 1997 by Antonio Vedele but created by his pupil Guiseppe Albrizzi in honor of Pope Francis, this special silvery cross will help you to commemorate the Pontiff's election to the papacy.

The cross features an image of a man, Pope Francis (Papa Franciscus), with arms crossed over his chest and the holy spirit descending from above him. A flock of sheep are spread across the patibulum (horizontal piece), symbolizing the people that the Pope will help to lead towards salvation.

The large cross comes on a braided cord and with a romance card. It measures 1-1/8 inch tall including the loop by 11/16 inch wide; the cord measures 28 inches.

The small cross measures 7/8 inch high by 9/16 inch wide.

Both sizes are signed Vedele on the reverse.

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