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Porcelain Plum Pudding Box with Authentic Sixpence

Porcelain Plum Pudding Box with Authentic Sixpence

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This sweet little box is decorated with leaves and holly atop the pudding. Each time an English family in centuries past would make a plum pudding, everyone made a wish in advance.

A special sixpence was added to the ingredients. And after it was cooked, it was set aflame after the yuletide dinner. The scrumptious dessert was quickly consumed, and the lucky diner who discovered the coin in his/her portion was granted a special wish and good fortune for the upcoming year. Maybe you might do the same with your Christmas pudding, or keep it as a treasure of times gone by.

Each 2 by 2 inch hand-painted porcelain box latches to protect the authentic sixpence inside.

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