Pouch of Iron Pyrite
Pouch of Iron Pyrite

Pouch of Iron Pyrite

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Iron Pyrite is a crystal that usually forms as a cube with striations on each face, or side. Sometimes it is found in larger pieces and as course granules. But, it is usually found in little nuggets, just like gold. As a matter of fact, it is often found near gold deposits. Because of its golden color and proximity the the real thing, it is often mistaken for the much more valuable gold. So, it is known as Fool's Gold.

Its brassy yellow color might resemble gold, but its other physical properties are very different. Pyrite is harder, less dense, and more brittle than gold. If you strike it with steel, it produces a spark. It leaves a greenish-black streak while gold leaves a golden-yellow one. Because it is often found near gold (and copper) deposits, if you find some, you may be nearing a deposit of the real thing!

Iron pyrite is used for its high sulfur content and is mined for that reason worldwide, as it is quite common.

Our little muslin pouch holds nuggets Fool's Gold to collect or use in your artwork or school project.

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