Pretty Blue and Pink Flower Component
Two Flowers

Pretty Blue and Pink Flower Component

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How darling this flower appears! Wouldn't you love to have it growing in your garden? While we cannot help you there, we can offer you this flower component to help cultivate a new piece of jewelry or artwork. The alluring pink in the center of the flower is beautifully amplified by the blue exterior of the petals.

When the end of summer draws nigh, we here at SilverCrow can't help but think about the upcoming winter. The long months of colorlessness, and cold, cold nights of winter welcome spring (anywhere). It is on those days that we love to look at flowers such as these to help remind us that spring is just around the corner, no matter what the weather forecast might say. AND, of course, during the spring and summer, what better than some bright little flowers!

It measures 5/8 inch in diameter and has a depth of 1/4 inch.

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