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Rare Antique Chautauqua Mini Text Book No. 23 - English Literature

Rare Antique Chautauqua Mini Text Book No. 23 - English Literature

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Founded in 1874 as an experiment in vacation learning, the Chautauqua Institution has fulfilled it's promise, growing with the years. It is located beside Chautauqua Lake in New York. Ecumenical in faiths, the institution favors many other curricula beyond religious studies.

My Grandmother and my Dad spent many a summer season at the institution, with my Grandfather joining them on the weekends. In fact, Daddy was still enthralled with his meeting with John Philip Sousa way back when!

This book/let is authentic (not a reproduction). It is entitled Chautauqua Text Books No. 23: English Literature. by Prof. J.H. Gilmore. It was published and printed in 1883, copyright 1880. Professor Gilmore hailed from the University of Rochester.

Considering it was used for study, we think the book/let is in pretty good condition. From our photos, you can see the book's results of this study.

The book is composed of folded signatures and the cover glued at the spine. We did not want to disturb the book, so we did not examine it further. It measures 5 inches high by about 3 inches wide with over 100 pages. There are even test questions in the back.

On the front leaf, some one has written in the hand of the day in pencil: American Lit.

The professor discusses the works of Chaucer, Spenser, Dryden, Coleridge, Byron and more. The influence of the French is also accounted for.

This is a nice, but delicate, relic of the past. It is our good fortune to know that today's Chautauqua continues to offer such education in so many fields.

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