Rare B.Shackman Tiny Pig Stickers - 120 in All!

Rare B.Shackman Tiny Pig Stickers - 120 in All!

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* Made in Hong Kong
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Each of our little piggies wears a special bonnet and is ready to adorn notes, letters, artwork, frames, and so on.

Each little piglet is about 1/2 - 3/4 inch high and cute as a button! If you love pigs, you'll love these stickers 3 pages of 40 stickers - 8 designs - 120 stickers in all!

This set of stickers was produced by B.Shackman back in 1999.

They shared some of their terrific novelties with other stores like SilverCrow. But, the wonder of it all was the original novelty store. We believe to have opened sometime in the early 1920s - maybe even earlier than that.

It is harder and harder to find B.Shackman items. And, just when you think that you've seen them all, you'll find a different design. The packages are very dear, and have been selling for very high prices.

We only found out through the novelty grapevine that they had disappeared (probably through the Looking Glass after all).

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