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Rare Vintage Dennison Violet (Taupe) Crepe Paper Folds in Original Packaging

Rare Vintage Dennison Violet (Taupe) Crepe Paper Folds in Original Packaging

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Made in USA


Vintage Item, Very Limited Availability

Crepe paper has been used for crafting for over a century. It is made from tissue paper that has added sizing for strength. It has then been creped (crinkled) for that wonderful texture. The tighter the grain, the stiffer the paper and the better it is to use in your crafting and decorating, as it will retain its shape as you form your projects. You might even wet it to take on the shapes!

Crepe paper is still produced today in the USA and in Germany and China. But we, as SilverCrow, of course, love the old stuff. The old papers have slightly faded and that type of patina only comes with age. Of course you can fake it with light and water, but the real aging process is the best. And, of all the crepes, of course, Dennison is the best. We're happy to offer you this wonderful Dennison crepe paper in its original packaging for you to complete your old-timey craft and party projects.

Whether you are making costumes, decorating tables, or making party favors or ornaments, you'll love the older papers. Use them in the same manner that you might use the new papers, but you'll know that your components are authentic.

This special violet crepe sheet fold measures 20 inches wide by 7-1/2 feet long and is in its original plastic packaging, which dates it to around the 1950s. It is advertised as flame proof on the package, but this is so old, we surely wouldn't guarantee it. So, please be careful.

Because this was packaged in its original box, it is still quite colorful, but does show some patina. The color has changed dramatically over time and it s no longer violet, but we love the gorgeous taupe that it has now become.

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