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Rare Vintage Textured Silver Lametta in the Original Box

Rare Vintage Textured Silver Lametta in the Original Box

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Made in Germany or USA


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Despite the lack of design on this package of tinsel, it is still special because it contains so much of the special shiny, silvery stuff.

These are the original (not modern reproduction) lead and tin icicles made for Christmas trees during the early and mid-20th century. Made of real metal, this textured tin-foil tinsel may tarnish with time, rendering it even more wonderful looking! This is a one-of-a-kind Christmas collectible. We have never seen another package such as this; nor have we seen early textured pieces. The reflection of the metal should enhance lighting because the texture allows for more angles of light reflection

We think these to be created of aluminum, but we are really not so sure. The original price (penciled in) on the top front of the box was 10¢. The box has also been stamped, "ceiling price" - the maximum amount that one should charge for a particular item! Can you imagine?

The box full of tinsel is very light but contains a generous amount of icicles. We did not remove these from the box, so as to not ruin the value. So we're not able to indicate the length. They are certainly long enough to hang on your tree.

We believe that this item contains lead. Please use caution.

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