Rattlesnake Eggs - Fake Novelty Game
Rattlesnake Eggs - Fake Novelty Game

Rattlesnake Eggs - Fake Novelty Game

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The package is menacingly old-fashioned. This kraft-colored envelope supposedly contains one dozen rattlesnake eggs. With a picture of a rattlesnake ready to strike, mouth wide open, the package reads:

Rattlesnake Eggs

Keep in cool place to prevent hatching....

Below the picture, it reads:

Best collection to show your friends...

The back flap (which is not sealed), reads:

Caution When Opening

Inside is a gimmick that sounds like a rattler when you open the envelope flap. You can reset this again and again by simply twisting the washer so that the rubber band becomes twisted. Slide it back into the envelope and use it again.

This is an old-time joke from days gone by and is genuinely fun to show to younger (and older) people who might never have seen it!

Please be careful when showing the joke - it may frighten someone. Be especially careful to avoid startling people with medical conditions.

Not for young children.

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