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Ready to Slice and Bake Fimo Stick or Roll - White Flower

Ready to Slice and Bake Fimo Stick or Roll - White Flower

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We've tried to learn to roll Fimo & other polymer clay into sticks or rolls and we always end up with marbleized clay - a fancy way to say we couldn't come up with a picture. With these, we don't have to worry. The picture has already been rolled into the sticks. So, all you do slice and bake.

Don't worry, the instructions are included. We almost thought this was a sunflower because of the size of the petals, but the petals are white, so it's really a large white flower.

The ends of the polymer clay roll are less distinct than the center of the roll, so your petals will be more pronounced as you cut into the roll. You can slice the roll to any depth - and can even make the diameter smaller or larger (instructions for this technique included, too).

To make a bead or charm, just make a hole before you bake. Rolls measure 50mm long by 15mm in diameter (about 5/8 inch). So you can make a bunch of beads, components or charms from just one roll! Instructions are included.

These are handmade, so please allow some variation

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