Real Gold Flitter (Flakes)
Real Gold Flitter (Flakes)

Real Gold Flitter (Flakes)

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* Made in USA
Have you ever completed a project and thought there was something missing? Something to take it from good to great or great to phenomenal. Or just simply thought that it was missing that "Wow!" factor? Well, you're in luck, thanks to our gold flitter.

Our gold flitter isn't just dazzling, but it's made in Alaska from real gold. The gold flitter is made by taking very thin sheets of metal (gold) and cutting into random sizes to create the flakes (flitter). The flitter is so thin and light, that even exhaling can cause them to float away.

You will receive a medicine bottle (the same one we use to ship our Glass Glitter) packed full of this sparkly gold flitter. There will be approximately 1 gram in each bottle.

We fill the bottle to the top, but it does settle a bit in transit.

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