Really Cool Vintage Carnival-Style Paper Mache Maracas
Really Cool Carnival Paper Mache Maracas - All 4 Styles

Really Cool Vintage Carnival-Style Paper Mache Maracas

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Shake things up with these fabulous vintage maracas! This collection of maracas is stunning!

Each is skillfully made of paper mache and hand-painted by talented artisans. Shake one (or all) of them up a bit and you'll have your own circus! We can't say enough about these wonderful rattlers.

They are 12 inches long and the heads are between 3 and 4 inches - they are no shrinking violets.

Their intended use is obvious, but we know you'll have a clever way of using them - use one as a center of an assemblage or now you'll have a special head for a fantastic art doll.

  • The silly CLOWN is ready for the circus with his pointy cap - making him a little taller than the others.
  • The CROW shows his tuft of feathers on the back of his head. What a darling! (Of course, after all, he is a crow!)
  • The DEVIL (or DIABLO) is a happy fellow despite his name.
  • The 2-sided FICKLE HEART features a happy heart on one side and a heart that isn't so sure on the other. The pink feather accents add such a touch of whimsy.

Most of the maracas are in top shape. We inspected them and wrapped them securely. The maracas have been hand painted and lacquered. So take care. There is some variation because they are handmade and hand painted.

A few of the maracas are slightly chipped. We're offering them at a lower price. (Wrapped securely as well).

Vintage from 2000.

Approximate Measurements:
  • Height (with stick): 12 inches
  • Height (head): between 3 & 5 inches
Made by traditional artisans in China.

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