Red Advent Candle Set with Holders from Germany (Not just for Advent)
Red Advent Candle Set with Holders from Germany (Not just for Advent)

Red Advent Candle Set with Holders from Germany (Not just for Advent)

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These wonderful tin candle holders are just like the ones made so long ago. We are lucky enough to be able to import them from the Bavarian region of Germany, where they are made by the same companies that made them so long ago.

Although designed as candles for Advent wreaths, they will be lovely for any type of old fashioned display.

The candle holders are made for 7/8-inch diameter candles. To use the holders with smaller candles, simply squeeze the outer holder prongs slightly. For wider candles, spread the prongs slightly. Be careful when bending the prongs. But, they are pretty sturdy.

As shown in the picture, each candle holder has a nail at the bottom, so that you can just press it easily in to Styrofoam, straw or even silk wreaths or live wreaths. We love these because you can rearrange them as you please - use a traditional wreath, or even a straight log to display them!

In the United States, advent wreaths traditionally use 3 purple and 1 pink candle. However, we've chosen to include the old-time red candles that were originally used. Of course, you can replace these with your own candles, if you wish.

Each set is wrapped in a crystal clear snowflake presentation bag.

Included are 4 candle holders and 4 red candles. (We are showing the 5th candle holder so that you might see the bottom.)



  • Outside diameter: 2 inches (holds 7/8 inch diameter candles)


  • Height: 3-1/4 inches
  • Diameter: 7/8 inch

Never leave candles burning unattended. These are best used as decorative pieces only. Burning the candles on a tree is a great fire hazard that you certainly want to avoid.

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