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Reproduction Rennaisance Tarock (Tarocco) Card Game

Reproduction Rennaisance Tarock (Tarocco) Card Game

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Made in Italy

The popular Renaissance trick-taking card game called Tarock or Tarocco, which started in the 16th century, is played with this colorful 54-card deck of oversized playing cards. Descendants of central European immigrants have kept this special bidding game alive over centuries.

The deck includes 22 trump cards that feature double-ended scenes. The 32 suit cards are uniquely dispersed—including King, Queen, Knight, and Page in each of the four suits, numbers 7 to 10 represented in the black suits, and numbers 1 to 4 represented in the red suits.

Complete with detailed instructions by John McLeod for 3 and 4 players.

There are 54 cards measuring 2-3/8 inches by 4-1/4 inches each.

One deck shows some very slight foxing on the corner of the box flap, so we're offering that one at a discount.

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