Reversible Mirage Cross Pendant (SilverCrow Exclusive)
Reversible Mirage Cross Pendant (SilverCrow Exclusive)

Reversible Mirage Cross Pendant (SilverCrow Exclusive)

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Like life itself, Mirage Beads are always changing and mysterious. Just look at the photos and you can see the variations in the shades of the beads.

This wonderful MIRAGE CROSS PENDANT comes alive with sensuous color as you wear it. Inspired by the mood jewelry of the 1960s and 1970s, this mesmerizing cross pendant is made of beads that change color with minute variations in temperature. The cross measures 3 inches high (including the hanging loop) by about 2-1/4 inches wide.

You'll be amazed by the quality of the substantial silver-accented beads. In the center you'll find a faux green crystal.

This stunning cross pendant features mirage beads forming a cross with the help of a silvery base. Add your own chain or a silken ribbon for a different effect.

The mirage beads are indicators of your moods. And of course, with the length, your many moods will make this necklace uniquely yours every time you wear it.

The color-changing thermo-sensitive liquid crystal beads are the main focus. The mirage or mood beads are made of nickel-free white-plated brass. Long chain crystals in the colored section of the beads refract light in uniquely at different temperatures - creating a different necklace each time you change environment or mood! The beads can range in color from:

  • Black (Stressed) to
  • Brown or Gray (Afraid) to
  • Yellow (Nervous) to
  • Green (Unsure) to
  • Turquoise (Normal, if that exists) to
  • Dark Blue (Relaxed) to
  • Indigo (Calm) to
  • Purple (Cool) to
  • Orange (Lovable) to
  • Light Green (Romantic) to
  • Teal (Passionate) to
  • Deep Blue (Very Happy) to
  • any other color beyond and between.

You'll even find that each bead may display several moods at once.

Although the cross is moisture resistant, please avoid prolonged contact with water.

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