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Reversible Sacred Heart and Infant of Prague Oxidized Medal

Reversible Sacred Heart and Infant of Prague Oxidized Medal

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Made in Italy

There are many stories that speak of the origins of the Infant of Prague. They all agree that the special statue given to the Carmelite order is a statue of the infant Jesus. Many carvings of such statues had been created throughout Europe over time.

The most likely history begins in 1628 when a small - about 19 inches tall - detailed, almost perfect statue of the Infant Jesus in wax was brought into Bohemia by a Spanish princess. She told them that, if they honored the statue, they would never be in need. The Carmelite novices voluntarily became poor and, as such, honored the statue of the Infant. When Emperor Ferdinand II (Hapsburg) heard of this, he arranged to send 2,000 Florins and a monthly stipend to support the order and their good works.

Once side of the medal features Jesus, the Infant of Prague, while the other side features the Sacred Heart surrounded by a crown of thorns. Our medal is made of silvery metal in Italy. Two medals are shown to illustrate front and back.

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