Reversible St Patrick and St Bridget (St Brigid) Medal
Reversible St Patrick and St Bridget (St Brigid) Medal

Reversible St Patrick and St Bridget (St Brigid) Medal

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* Made in Italy

Saint Patrick was actually born on the British mainland and then kidnapped and shipped to Ireland as a slave, working in the mountains as a shepherd. Saint Patrick is often associated with driving the snakes from Ireland. While it is true that there are no snakes in Ireland, this may be more mythical, representing his effort in converting the Irish.

Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland and of many individual churches and dioceses throughout the United States. He is patron to those in fear of snakes (ophidiophobics), those who have been bitten by snakes, and of excluded people, and of engineers.

Saint Bridget (aka, St. Brigid) was a great lover of the poor. She was born to a Lord of Ireland, who arranged a marriage for her. Determined to create a life of devotion to God, she pled her case to the bishop who arranged for her to take her vows quickly. She was quite beautiful and it is said that she denounced her beauty and prayed to have it taken from her so that no man would be attracted to her. Her prayers were answered until her vows were taken - and then she re-gained her beauty. Some say that Saint Patrick himself was the bishop who heard her final vow.

Saint Bridget is that Patron Saint of Travelers as she set up so many convents throughout Ireland despite the terrible conditions of the 5th and 6th centuries when she live. She is also patron to babies, fugitives and sailors.

Our lovely medal is made of silvery metal in Italy.

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