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Rude Monkey Charm or Pendant<br><b><font color=blueviolet>MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY</font></b>
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Rude Monkey Charm or Pendant

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* Made in Thailand

We realize that this will offend some people. We do not mean it to be offensive. We hope you will find humor in our story and why it was purchased originally. The thumbnail and the first photograph are censored discretely. Please do not view the other photos if you do not want to see the mature version.

Believe it or not, I didn't have my glasses on when I bought this charm at a jewelry show long ago. I thought this was a monkey eating an ice cream cone - honestly! Well, was I ever wrong. I bought a whole lot of these and the monkey is actually very rude. I thought the clever ice cream cone idea would make this a great gift for our then 7-year-old grandson. He's now 20 and would probably laugh about this, but we're not offering it to him for any reason!

This is an articulated charm - it has moving parts. There is a lever in the back that moves the monkey's arm that makes him use his arm to caress an unmentionable part of his body. He is hand cast of antiqued brass and is made quite well.

The entire charm/pendant measures about 1-1/8 inch from top to bottom, 3/4 inch from side to side and 1/2 inch from front to back (including the lever and hanging loop). The hanging loop is behind the fellow's neck.

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