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Rusty Chicken Wire Roll
Rusty Chicken Wire Roll

Rusty Chicken Wire Roll

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* Made in China
Shabby chic décor has been popular since the 1990s. Although technically the style generally applies to repurposed items, we cheat a little and consider some newly made items to have the shabby chic look. We also see it enhancing the primitive look.

This rustic chicken wire ribbon will work with many decorating styles. But we are particularly interested in its addition to multi-media art, shrine creation and memory boxes. Think about it, too, for displaying jewelry or trimming accessories.

Don't worry about the rust rubbing off on the rest of your project. The netting is painted with rusty brown paint and then coated to prevent such calamity.

It bends quite easily, and you should be able to cut it with small wire cutters. But, don't let that fool you. It is sturdy, as well. The roll measures 4 inches wide and is a full 9 feet long!

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