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Saint Francis of Assisi Pewter Pocket Token

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Cast in pewter, this simple pocket charm depicting Saint Francis of Assisi. His calm and gentle manner and his love of all the earth's creatures has long endeared him to many - even those who do not necessarily recognize saints! What a perfect token to share at any time - especially to another animal lover.

Saint Francis is also quite well known for his humility and his Prayer for Peace:

... make me an instrument of thy peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love ...

Especially perfect for your friends and family, letting them know your thoughts are with them and all the creatures they love always.

What a lovely wedding favor - your guests will always treasure such a remembrance.

You might even drill a hole in the coin and use it as a charm. Or, add a bail with glue or solder to make a pendant.

The token measures 1 inch high by 13/16 inch wide.

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