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Saint Scholastica Medal
Saint Scholastica Medal

Saint Scholastica Medal

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* Made in Italy

Saint Scholastica was the twin sister of Saint Benedict. The two were born to Italian nobility. Unfortunately, their mother died in childbirth. Saint Scholastica later became a nun. She and her brother met once a year

During their last annual meeting, St Scholastica had a premonition that this would be the last time they saw each other. According to St Gregory, a friend to them both, nightfall was approaching and Saint Benedict was leaving. His sister asked him to stay. He declined. She then began to cry, laid her head upon the table, and prayed that God would intercede and make him stay. Suddenly a great storm arose with violent rain, thunder and hailstones. Because of this, Benedict was forced to stay till the morning. Three days later, Saint Scholastic died and Saint Benedict saw her soul raise to the heavens, another miracle.

Our medal is made of silvery metal in Italy. Two medals are shown to illustrate front and back.

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