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Santa Lucia (Saint Lucy) Frieze Garland

Santa Lucia (Saint Lucy) Frieze Garland

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Traditionally, Saint Lucy (or Santa Lucia) is the Patron Saint of Blindness and also the Patron of Holy Light. Her feast day (December 13) is traditionally celebrated throughout Scandinavia, the United States and southern Europe. Before the calendar was reformed in the 16th century to become the Gregorian calendar, St Lucy's Day fell closer to the winter solstice north of the equator.

Because St Lucy is the guardian or patron of light, it is believed that she will guard against Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness. Many people stay awake the entire night between December 12th and 13th to celebrate St Lucy and her guardianship. When the light arrives in the morning on the 13th, it is known that Saint Lucy protected the celebrants from the Devil and all is well and safe.

Youngsters have parties and traditionally, special sweets are offered. There might be a parade or procession headed by a single girl representing the dear saint. She will wear a crown of candles or lights and will be followed by girls and boys in the procession, each carrying a single candle or light.

This lovely garland or frieze was created by designer Kathy Lawrence and features a St Lucia Girl Paper Doll repeated in a garland. She wears the crown of candles and a pretty white dress. the garland opens up to 9 feet Long.

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