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Santeria Amuleto - Prepared Traditionally in Mexico - Second Quality

Santeria Amuleto - Prepared Traditionally in Mexico - Second Quality

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Made in Mexico


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This powerful amulet is made of first quality materials consecrated for use in Santeria rituals.

The amulet arrives with a wool felt pouch that features a golden coin with an eagle (that appears to be the image from the back of a USA quarter coin). It reads:

United States of America
Quarter Dollar

Also on the pouch is a resin prism which encases a cowrie shell and important seeds.

Included for you to put in your pouch are 4 to 7 different semi-precious gemstones. The gemstones differ in each package. In those packages with fewer gemstones, the stones are larger. In the first quality amulet, there is also a vial of red liquid to represent blood. The second quality packet does not include the vial.

For your protection and for the protection of your loved ones, we're sure you'll find this special amulet welcome.

We do not guarantee or promise that such amulets have real powers as stated on the package. This is meant to be for entertainment use only.

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