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March 23, 2020

Second Quality Hand Painted Papier Mache Clown Maraca

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Shake things up with this fabulous maraca! Hand-painted, this fellow will not only create some percussion, he'll make you laugh! He is skillfully made of papier mâché by talented artisans. Our madcap merrymaker is certainly one of our favorites! Shake him up a bit and you'll have your own circus!

We can't say enough about this wonderful rattler. No shrinking violet, he measures about 13-3/4 inches tall (with the stick). At his widest (his brilliant orange hair) he measures 3-1/2 inches and from nose to the back of his head, it's about 3-1/4 inches.

Mr. Clown has had his bad days; you'll find his back to be a bit chipped, and slightly so on his front. We're showing you all of the chipping that we found.

His intended use is obvious, but we know you'll have a clever way of using him - use him as a center of an assemblage or now you'll have a special head for a fantastic art doll.

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