Serenity Prayer Mobius Bracelet
Serenity Prayer Mobius Bracelet

Serenity Prayer Mobius Bracelet

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Let the "Serenity Prayer" encircle your wrist with this lovely bracelet.

The prayer is engraved into the metal of the bracelet which has been made in the style of a möbius. The twist in the curve, allows the same side to be both inside and outside of the bracelet. This allows the entire prayer to be on the same side, despite its length.

The bracelet measures about 2-1/2 inches in interior diameter. The bracelet is about 3/8 inch wide, except where it widens into a cross. Upon the cross the word, "serenity," is written. A final feature of the bracelet is the cross charm upon a jump ring able to freely move along the bracelet between both sides of the cross.

As an added gift, each bracelet is packed with one of our Serenity Prayer holy cards, making this an extra special gift for a loved one.

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