Set of 2 Specialty Silhouette Scissors
Set of 2 Specialty Silhouette Scissors

Set of 2 Specialty Silhouette Scissors

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* Made in Germany
These were originally developed for silhouette (scherenschnitte) cutters. Consider, too, making your own papel picado.

The precise blades make delicate work very easy: allowing for better maneuvering in tight spots and around corners.

This set of 2 scissors are wonderful for making your straw stars and decorations. According to the manufacturer, they are great for trimming filigree straw stars, precisely cutting straw inlays, paper, cardboard (corrugated, too), felt and other fabrics. We would avoid cutting cardboard as it is so thick.

The pair on the LEFT (black blades) are coated with Teflon - allowing you to cut adhesive films, stickers and much more with out sticking to the blades. The coating helps your scissors to remain clean and sharp.

The pair on the RIGHT (silver Blades) are best used for the precise cutting of paper (as in the silhouettes, papel picado, etc.) We suggest that you use these only for paper, but they are also able to cut felt, fabric and cardboard. The sharper point lets you work accurately and delicately right into the smallest corners.

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