Set of 4 Vintage Chenille Animals
Set of 4 Vintage Chenille Animals

Set of 4 Vintage Chenille Animals

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Now, we're not really sure why these were created in the first place, but they are definitely unique! Each package contains a set of four chenille animals: [what we think are] an elephant, a cat, a long-eared dog and a lion. We believe these are from the early 1970s.

Each figure's body is constructed of vintage chenille and a waxy-paper face is glued on front. The colors vary - earthy tones of ocher, red and sage.

Use these as is for package decoration, embellished ornaments and whimsical additions to your artwork....But better still, remove the faces and replace with vintage holiday scraps for extraordinary results!

Finding vintage chenille stems (pipe cleaners) is difficult and can be very expensive! And reproducing the vintage feel is time consuming and results are not always satisfactory, so save time with these little fellows!

The photos represent a sample package. Yours may differ in color.

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