Set of Pieces of 8
Pieces of 8

Set of Pieces of 8

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In the olden days of Pirates, coins were cut into eighths to make change.

Way back then, the true silver Spanish Ocho (8) Reale coin would be cut into pieces to make change. Our faux silver reproduction is true to shape and imprinting (but, alas, it is not real silver). It is cut into pieces of the Eight Reale coin: one half, one quarter and two eighths!

What is really cool is that you'll find that some sets have the exact pieces that can be placed together to make a whole. Other sets also have a full set of 8 - but the pieces are from different coins! - just like the coins that you might have had in your purse (yes, a purse for men and for women!) Because you have met in commerce, you would certainly never receive back the original pieces you had. Look at the cutting - these were not clean cut. Usually a hammer and a cold chisel would do the job.

What a fun gift for anyone interested in pirates, conquests of the sea, or history of money!


  • Coin Diameter when whole: 1-1/2 inch

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