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Seven Sisters Black Heart Voodoo Style Hexing Kit

Seven Sisters Black Heart Voodoo Style Hexing Kit

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Made in USA or Mexico

This interesting kit contains a larger black wax heart, the hexing pins and complete instructions. It is typically used for hexing or crossing your enemy or someone who has caused you harm. Of course we cannot promise that it will work for you.

The instructions suggest that the ritual will take you seven days. Each day, you are to stick one of the pins into the wax heart and to say aloud what you wish to happen to the offending person. Then hide the heart in a special secret place. Repeat this ritual each day for the next six days. Of course, you can continue this ritual longer than the seven days, but you'll have to use your own pins, or purchase additional ones. Once you consider your ritual to be complete, place the heart in a brown paper bag and throw it away.

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