She is a Teacher Greeting Card
She is a Teacher Greeting Card

She is a Teacher Greeting Card

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Graphic Artist Janeen Koconis created this elegant note card from her artwork called She's a Teacher. Her elegant artwork includes a desk supported by the color spectrum and the letters of the alphabet. This wonderful imagery is accompanied by this special sentiment:

She is a teacher. She leads
with her voice. She believes
in the alphabet. She cares
about language. Her strength
is in her listening. The number
line is where she stands. She
knows the rhythm of syllables.
She opens the imagination.
Se Discovers new ideas.
Visual displays make her
smile (interactive projects and
world maps too). Her commitment is
her classroom.

The Top of the table reads:

She loves September (and synonyms, too).
She is intuitive. Sensitive. Inspiring. And
true. She makes the greatest kind of difference.

At the bottom:

She's You.
(an incredible Teacher)

On the inside:

For all that you provide-
Thank You

Now what teacher wouldn't love this message? The designer believes that a greeting card is not frivolous, rather, the opposite - that it has utility: a card can be a handshake or a kiss.

This is a square card in a square envelope - it may require additional postage.

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