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Sheet of 15 Black Crow Matte Dresden Motifs

Sheet of 15 Black Crow Matte Dresden Motifs

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Made in Germany

These highly embossed black matte Dresden crows are sure to be a favorite of crow and corvid fans. Now, we think these might really be swallows, but we had these especially made for us because of the crow resemblance. The paper itself is lighter weight because of the matte finishing.

Long used for embellishing ornaments and glued to other paper scraps and decoupage projects, these wonderful motifs are even more special because they are black - just the right color for our beloved crows and ravens. With two sheets, you might even make a special collage featuring 4 and 20 blackbirds!

The embossing on these reliefs is superb, as is the cutting. These are new but are made in the same fashion as they have been for many, many decades! Each bird measures about 3 by 2-1/8 inches.

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