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Shrine Embellishment Kit
Shrine Embellishment Kit

Shrine Embellishment Kit

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Are you ready to design a shrine but you don't have what…
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* Assembled in USA from Globally Gathered Parts
* Not Returnable

Are you ready to design a shrine but you don't have what you need to complete it? Let us help you!

We've assembled an embellishments pack containing almost everything in our sample above. Typically, the assortment will include:

  • Mini Day of the Dead Figure
  • Loteria Cards
  • Treasure Capsules
  • Spiral Seed Bead
  • Matchbox
  • Milagros
  • Saint Medals
  • Organdy Bag
  • Handmade Mexican Paper Roses
  • Holy Cards
  • Vintage Latin Photo Card
  • Bark Wire
  • Wooden Yin-Yang or Similar Charm
  • Tibetan Charm
  • Vintage Plastic Elephant Charm
  • Bone Skull Beads
  • Mini Metal Frame
  • Mah Jong Beads
  • Trouble Dolls
  • Mini Glass Vials or Flasks
  • Wooden Fence
  • Mexican Novela Page
  • Mini Beverage Bottle
  • Vintage Newspaper Clippings
  • Hand-Made Plaster Skull
  • Buddha or other Deity Bead
  • Vintage Watch Crystal
  • Wooden Bead Circle
  • Gargoyle Bead or the like
  • Vintage Star Dresdens
  • Rosary Chain Fiber Sample
  • Vintage Alphabet Game Piece
  • Mini Tin of Lavender
  • Colorful Mini Saint Charms
  • Detente con Santo
  • Mini Guadalupe Statue
  • Chinese Knot
  • Package of Watch Parts
  • Vintage Watch Face Dials
  • Porcupine Quills
  • World Coin or Token
  • Some Other Surprises

There are a few things we didn't include in the package: paint, nails, eye hooks, and paper. Some items are handmade or vintage and may vary depending on our sourcing.

Wooden shrine base not included.

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