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Signed Sterling Silver & Turquoise Heartline Bear Charm

Signed Sterling Silver & Turquoise Heartline Bear Charm

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Made in USA


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This one of a kind sterling silver and natural turquoise heartline bear charm is highly detailed with feathers and flowers. Bought in the Navajo Nation in the mid-1990s, we understand it to be older.

It was oxidized when purchased, but with care, you might be able to polish it to be shiny. (We never polish or remove patinas as we might then lower the value of the item.)

On the back, it is signed RB and hallmarked STERLING.

The heartline bear represents life force as it begins with the first breath. The heart line leads to the heart and soul, indicating the soul and inner strength that leads us in life, allowing this image to represent or protect the wearer. Our bear features morning flowers, including one along the heartline. This adds the additional drive for abundance and faith.

The charm measures almost 1 inch from nose to rear and about 5/8 inch from feet to back (including the hanging hole). There is an included jump ring for hanging as a charm or as a pendant.

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