Silken Aztec Braided Tie
Silken Aztec Braided Tie

Silken Aztec Braided Tie

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Each of these lovely ties is really just like a friendship bracelet, made by one of so many artisans from Guatemala. Each is hand-made and different, but all are eye-catching and charming. These are made of silky rayon, which allows for a much more intricate design and more interesting patterns. It also feels ever so much nicer on your skin.

We like to use these as special ties on small packages, as bookmarks in books we give as gifts, and as bindings for special cards. Of course, they make lovely bracelets.

The woven braid is about 4 inches long. One end forms a loop for the two twisted cords from the other end to attach. The ends add length so this should fit most wrists up to 7 inches. The entire piece, including the ties, is about 8 inches long.

Because SilverCrow's Aztec Braids are all hand-made, each is different, so please let us choose one for you.

We've photographed several so that you might see the variability of the designs.

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