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Silver Lametta Christbaum Schmuck Fine Angel Hair Tinsel

Silver Lametta Christbaum Schmuck Fine Angel Hair Tinsel

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Made in Germany


Limited Availability

This special old time paper package contains a wonderful fine lametta that you are sure to love. It's as fine as angel hair (engelshaar). The strands are 30 inches long. You may choose to cut a strand to shorter lengths for your feather tree. In fact, why not use several different lengths - just like real icicles?

These are the original lead and tin icicles made for Christmas trees during the early and mid-20th century. Made of real metal, this German tin-foil tinsel will tarnish with time, rendering it even more wonderful looking! These packages are original and some are in better condition than others.

We are showing two packages so that you might see the outside graphics as well as the fantastic icicles inside. Some packages are more complete than others, but all have a generous supply of tinsel. The package is measured by weight (5 grams) not by the number of strands.

On the front of the old fashioned paper envelope it reads:
    glattes Engelshaar
    Inhalt 5 g netto

This item contains lead. Please use caution.

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