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Silvery Crow With a Woman's Face Bead

Silvery Crow With a Woman's Face Bead

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Made in USA
Is the crow or raven your spirit guide? Then this just might represent your soul.

This stunning bead features the body of a crow (or any other feathered friend you wish) with the head of a woman. Her wings tucked in and feathers neatly preened as she perches. It appears that she is searching afar, for what we cannot be sure. Her lovely locks of hair resting for the moment, until she takes flight again and they trail behind her.

You might even wish to call her a harpy, a creature from ancient Greek and Roman mythology, that had the body of a bird with a woman's head. 

The bead measures about 1 inch long by 7/16 inch wide by 3/4 inch high (25 mm by 11 mm by 19 mm).

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