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Silvery Manatee Pendant
Silvery Manatee Pendant

Silvery Manatee Pendant

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* Made in USA
Manatees (also referred to as sea cows) are an aquatic mammal found along the Atlantic coasts of North, Central and northern South America as well as the Amazon River and the west coast and rivers of Africa. Like all marine mammals (whales, dolphins, et al) they must surface to breathe air, but live their entirety in water. These gentle giants (like cows of the mainland) mainly graze on grasses and other plant life.

Our manatee pendant looks ready to dive into your necklace. This 3-D pendant is wonderfully designed and breathes life into this creation. The curl of the body helps to give the illusion of swimming through coastal waters.

It measures about 1-1/8 inch long by 9/16 inch wide by 9/16 high (29 mm by 14 mm by 14 mm).

As this is hand made of non-toxic pewter, please allow for some minor variation.

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