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Small Bronze Sarcophagus Box - Crocodile

Small Bronze Sarcophagus Box - Crocodile

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Made in Egypt


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Created from the design of an ancient sarcophagus, this little bronze box features an elegant crocodile atop the lid. Of course there is no mummy inside, but we think this a wonderful addition a shrine. And, it's also quite attractive on its own. It's style is that of antiquity, appearing that this might be thousands of years old. Alas, it is relatively new, having been made in the 1990s.

Although made in Egypt, the box also appears to be Mesoamerican in style as well. The images are universally ancient.

Each box is slightly different as every one has been painstakingly made by hand in the tradition of generations of metal workers. The approximate base measurement is 2-1/8 inch by 1 inch. The box depth is about 9/16 inch. The lid sits roughly on top of the be base and makes the entire box about 1 inch to 1-1/8 inch high.

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