Small Elegant Elephant Statue
Small Elegant Elephant Statue

Small Elegant Elephant Statue

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A symbol of strength, power, greatness and dignity, the elephant is also considered lucky if the trunk is pointed upward as our graceful beauty points his so.

In the art of feng shui, it is thought that if you place such an image facing your main entrance door, it will symbolize the arrival of good fortune. Small statues such as this one help to fix energies that are out of balance in a home or office. Of course we cannot guarantee that our little elephant will bring you good fortune, but s/he certainly appears that s/he might.

The elephant is made of polyresin and is decorated profusely in with golden metallics and measures 3 inches from trunk to tail, 2-1/8 inches high and 1-5/8 inch from ear to ear.

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