Small Hank of Vintage German Plated Wire Thread
Small Hank of Vintage German Plated Wire Thread

Small Hank of Vintage German Plated Wire Thread

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From our stash of vintage German ornament components comes this wonderful metal plated wire thread - perfect for hanging ornaments. Choose either silver plated wire thread or copper plated wire thread.

This stuff is awfully hard to find these days, so we're delighted to be able to offer it to you. Because it is plated with either silver or copper, it will tarnish over time. We think that this patina is one of its best qualities.

Each piece is 8 inches long. It is too fine to measure, in fact we determined that is was about the size of the hash mark on a regular wooden ruler - the line itself!

The threads are so light that our scale doesn't register, so we decided to do our best to make hanks of between 20 and 30 pieces by feel - we didn't specifically count them. You'll find that most hanks include about 24 or 25 wire threads.

Because these are wire threads, you can bend them into position and back out again.

The threads are quite fine and will work nicely for many uses. We love them to make old-fashioned ornament hangers.

Some of our pictures are from our inventory showing larger bunches. The individual photos of each color are representative of the hank size you'll receive. As you can see, we have gently folded the threads without creases so they are in perfect shape for you to use. If you do end up creasing one, it will straighten out pretty easily.

You'll find that some of the tips are slightly tarnished as promised. This can be cleaned gently, if you choose, with a silver or jewelry cloth. Please do not immerse them in liquid or cover them with silver cream unless you are up for an experiment. We don't recommend it.

These were made in the late 1970s or early 1980s and nicely are aged for a fantastic look on your old-fashioned ornaments or tags.

Please view all of the photographs - it is so hard to describe this wonderful stuff.

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