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Small Pastel Pink Velvet Forget-Me-Not Bouquet

Small Pastel Pink Velvet Forget-Me-Not Bouquet

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Made in USA or Japan

Such sweet little posies make a lovely doll bouquet or an addition to a special little girl's hair ribbon. There are so very many uses for these lovely velvet blossoms. Each little bloom measures 1/2 inch in diameter and there are one full dozen per bundle. The stems are hand wrapped in light green, making the bouquet ever so much more appealing for springtime.

Our little posies are new, but they are reminiscent of times gone by and could easily be mistaken for vintage Victorian!

These may require some fluffing when they arrive. Just like the originals from oh, so long ago, they arrive flat and we fluff them up a bit for you. But you can arrange them any way you like!

These arrive at our place flat - we fluff them up a bit, but they may require a bit more fluffing when you get them.

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