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Soaring (with Turtle and Toad) - Gift or Enclosure Card by Jonathan Meader

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The Toad and Turtle are Flying in a Night Sky in this sweet gift card from Jonathan Meader's...
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Bob Dylan says of artist Jonathan Meader

"I recommend him as being honest, forthright and of sound mind."

His art, created in his own name, and as his alter-ego, Ascian, is in countless private and public collections. Jonathan Meader has created this enigmatic print of two travelers (a toad and a turtle) off to see the worlds. Whether they are soaring to the sun or to the moon is for you alone to imagine. But, don't we wish we all could be along for the ride?

The little card is just right for a small package for graduation, bon voyage, retirement or any other occasion when dreams become reality.

The folded card measures 3-1/16 inches high by 2-3/16 inches wide and arrives with a white envelope.

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