Solid Oak Leonardo DaVinci Rope Maker
Rope Maker

Solid Oak Leonardo DaVinci Rope Maker

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Straight from the Renaissance - what a wonderful tool - invented by Leonardo da Vinci! Our hand-made solid oak rope maker easily creates 2- to 10-ply cord out of any fiber!

Use up your scrap cording and yarn to make a very elegant embellishment for your artwork or clothing. Use finer fibers and make a one-of-a kind bookmark! This tool is not only fun to use, but the solid oak construction makes it an attractive addition to your tool box, or use it for decoration in your atelier!

Da Vinci's original design called for hand operation, which still works well. You can optionally use a variable speed drill or even a hand drill to make the work go a bit faster.

No batteries are necessary, but you will need a clamp or a friend to hold an end while you spin the other end.

Comes with complete instructions.

Check out the rope I made with a similar tool.

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