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Spun Glass Angel Hair in Bag (Feen Haar)<br>+ 1 Pair Medium Nitrile Gloves
Spun Glass Angel Hair in Bag (Feen Haar)
+ 1 Pair Medium Nitrile Gloves

Spun Glass Angel Hair in Bag (Feen Haar)
+ 1 Pair Medium Nitrile Gloves

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* Spun Glass Made in Germany
* Gloves Made in USA

Trimming a holiday tree became prominent during the Victorian times, and spun glass angel's hair or fairy's hair like this was on of the favorites then as it is now! It adds a touch of elegant whimsy to any display - especially when there are electric lights. The soft glow of the cloud-like hair enhances any lights - either white or color.

Still handmade in the traditional manner by a family company, each bag contains 15 grams of non-inflammable super-fine spun glass fibers. Although such spun glass hair is available from other sources, the German spun glass angel hair is truly curly hair. It does not compress easily and will stay curly. Use it as you would tinsel for special effects.

*****Please be careful when decorating or crafting with Spun Glass products. Remember, they are made of glass and might cause some irritation. Please cover your work surface with paper or plastic to catch any stray fibers and consider wearing gloves rather than your bare hands when using the Angel's Hair.

We are providing a pair of hypo-allergenic puncture-resistant, unpowdered Nitrile gloves, size Medium, to help protect your hands with each bag of Angel Hair.

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