St Anthony Vintage Scapular
St Anthony Vintage Scapular

St Anthony Vintage Scapular

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This vintage devotional scapular features a black and white printed image of Saint Anthony, that patron of lost things and lost souls. Many a time, we prayed to Saint Anthony, as children when we lost our pencils or homework on the way to school.

Although not printed or sewn anywhere on the piece, it is believed that a scapular helps protect the soul of the wearer and it is usually accompanied by the invocation:

Whosoever dies wearing this Scapular
shall not suffer eternal fire.

The picture has been protected by glass or acetate and is then framed with brown felt and hand embroidered. The backing piece is reinforced felt that has been hand sewn. Perhaps there is a devotional inside - but we did not open the scapulars to determine this. The hanging string is just that - cotton string or cord.

The brown pieces are approximately 1 inch long by 15/16 inch wide, but vary slightly as these all hand made.

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