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St Francis of Assisi Solid Bronze Wall Plaque

St Francis of Assisi Solid Bronze Wall Plaque

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Made in Germany
Words have failed to describe just how much we love this wall plaque featuring our most beloved Saint, St Francis of Assisi.

The stunning relief sculpture of this solid bronze plaque brings to life the gentleness of St Francis as he walks through nature on a sunny day. With one hand holding his cherished birds and the other petting the wolf while a deer grazes nearby, his love for these animals is gloriously depicted.

Below this wondrous image it reads:

(St Francis of Assisi)

The plaque measures 4-5/8 inches high by 3-7/8 inches wide but please allow for some variation as these are handmade. The plaque is made of solid bronze and quite heavy for its size, please make certain to hang it securely when hanging. This plaque also comes with feet on the reverse side. The feet will keep the plaque from hanging at a slant towards the wall as well as help to keep it from banging against the wall should the room become windy.

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