St Hildegard of Bingen Medal
St Hildegard of Bingen Medal

St Hildegard of Bingen Medal

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A solemn image of St Hildegard of Bingen with pen and paper while seated has been wonderfully crafted into this medal.

Born in the Middle Ages, Hildegard was a woman of the ages. At a time when few women wrote - either text or music, Hildegard produced major visionary works. She was the 10th child, and was "tithed" to the church, just as wages and income were at the time. Saint Hildegard has become an inspirational representation of true and honest spirit and intellect - without regard to gender. She broke through the glass ceiling before it was ever conceived.

She has become timeless and has crossed the barrier of religion as well. Her writings have become essential to the New Age movement and she is well respected in her studies in many fields including herbs, plants, religion and medicinal uses of these plants, as well as animals and stones.

Due to her recent official canonization in 2012 (833 years after her death), she has no official patronage as yet. Many believe, however, that she is the patron of her many interests; music, writing, the environment and more. It was also in 2012 that she was declared a “Doctor of the Church” becoming only the fourth woman out of 35 total saints to have received the title.

The medal measures 1 inch high including the hanging loop by 5/8 inch wide.

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