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St Modomnoc (St Dominic) Medal - Patron Saint of Bees

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* Made in Italy
This Patron Saint of Bees is sometimes referred to as Dominic or Donogh.

In Celtic Irish, the word mo translates to my. It was common practice to use mo in front of a saint's name indicating reverence that the Irish have towards their saints around the 6th century.

Modomnoc is an Irish Saint from the 6th century. So, that is how St Dominic became St Modomnoc.

While studying under St David of Wales, one of his duties was to tend to the beehives. He would often speak to the bees while walking among them and reportedly they would swarm about him as if listening and responding to him. When he returned to Ireland from Wales, swarms of the bees joined him on the boat, supposedly introducing bees to Ireland!

Adorning the front of the medal is an image of St Modomnoc along with 3 bees.

On the reverse it says:


Along the right side of the words a flower is shown with a bee approaching it, as though to pollinate. (We love this!)

It measures 1 inch high by 5/8 inch wide.

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