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St Roch Medal or Charm (St Rocco, St Rock)

St Roch Medal or Charm (St Rocco, St Rock)

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Made in Italy

This lovely medal is just about 1 inch long and 5/8 inch long.  St Roch (also known as St Rock, St Rocco and St Roque) was a French nobleman who was known for tending to the sick and the poor. He was able to miraculously cure so very many, but, alas contracted the plague himself. Not wanting to infect anyone else, he set off to the forest to die.

He was befriended by a dog who stole scraps of food from the family table and fed them to St Rock in the forest. He was able to recover with thanks to the dog, so his image generally shows a dog by his side. St Rock was falsely accused for being spy and spent the rest of his life in jail. He was tended to by an angel while imprisoned.

St Rock is the patron of those who are sick with the plague, cholera and other such afflictions, as well as skin and knee problems. His other patronages include the protection of falsely accused people and invalids.

He is best known as the beloved patron saint of dogs, falsely accused people and invalids.

On the back the medal reads: Pray for Us with a wildflower beside the wording.

We're showing two medals to illustrate the front and back.

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