Star SunFlower Metal Stamping - Long
Star SunFlower Metal Stamping - Long

Star SunFlower Metal Stamping - Long

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* Hand Made in Mexico
* Limited Availability, Discontinued by Artist

There are so many possibilities with these wonderful metal stampings. This one is reminiscent of  a star flower, perhaps a sunflower.

Each is about 6-1/2 inches long by 1-3/4 inches wide. The stamping can be cut into individual motifs with scissors (if you don't care about the scissors too much), but metal cutters might be a better choice. There are 4 motifs (all the same) - each measures about 1-1/2 inch square, though they are not perfectly square.

Or, use the whole length at once. Frame one on a sueded paper backing and it is absolutely stunning! They are also fantastic for your collages and assemblages - to glue on or inlay.

Made of tin, each is hand stamped by artisans who created the designs. This allows for very slight variations. They are all so similar, that it's hard to tell,

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